Friday, February 8, 2013

When Things Settle Down (WTSD)

Some years ago, I had a friend whose life seemed to be constantly in a state of chaos -- though probably not any more than anyone else's.  But she was always optimistic that, at some time in the future, things would be different; things would be better.  She would start many sentences with, "When things settle down . . . ."  At some point, she probably realized that life was always more-or-less chaotic and that things might never actually settle down.  At least I realized that, looking at her life, and eventually realized the same thing about my own life.  Nevertheless, my husband and I started to adopt her expression and state that we would do such-and-such, "when things settle down."  We said this so many times, and it seemed to use so many syllables, that we eventually adopted the shorthand way of saying this.  We would just say, "WTSD . . . ."  You're welcome to use this shorthand for yourself, if you want to talk about what will happen  . . .  when things settle down.

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