Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving Law # 3

This is probably not, technically, a "law" as much as a suggestion, but I'll list it as Moving Law # 3 just to be consistent with earlier entries.

If you you are involved in a long-distance move (i.e. you won't be making multiple trips back and forth in your car) AND if you will be using the services of a moving company (i.e. you have enough junk to justify this), THEN it is tempting to think that you can put a lot of "last minute" stuff in your car, but that way lies disaster !  Unless you send as much stuff as possible on the moving van, you will almost always end up with more stuff left (after the movers are gone) than what you can possibly fit in your car! . . .  Instead, try to pack up absolutely everything for the movers to take except what they refuse to take (e.g. pets, liquids, etc.).  You will still end up with way too much stuff in your car (and way too much time spent packing it), but the situation will not be quite as bad as if you were counting on having more space in your car than you actually have.  Trying to ship things by air freight or railroad at the last minute, or trying to rent a trailer on short notice are nightmarish situations that you would probably want to avoid, if at all possible.  (Perhaps there is a "space" variation on Parkinson's Law:  stuff expands to fit the space available, and can easily expand even beyond the space available.)

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