Sunday, April 22, 2012

Invention: Coffee Syrup

From time to time, I will describe an idea for an invention that occurred to me.  Since I probably don't have the time or money or energy or motivation to actually develop any of these into actual, patented inventions, you can feel free to develop any of them yourself.  (If two or more people read about a potential invention on my blog, and both (or all) of them develop an invention simultaneously, I guess you will just need to fight it out amongst yourselves.)  Anyway, here goes:

Coffee Syrup -- sort of a non-alcoholic form of coffee flavored liqueur -- to pour over ice cream.  It could be made in one-to-four different forms:  regular coffee, decaf coffee, regular coffee chocolate, and decaf coffee chocolate.

Now doesn't that sound like a good idea?!  I'd buy some myself.  It would also be nice if it had very few calories and very few carbs, but that's probably asking too much.