Monday, April 30, 2012

Murphy's Law -- Variation

Whenever you find a product that you really, really like, they stop making it.

Everyone knows about this variation of Murphy's Law.  I could give you hundreds (well dozens) of examples.  I once bought the perfect pair of sneakers.  Perfect fit, perfect color, perfect in every way.  I went back to the store six months later to buy another pair.  The store no longer had these sneakers AND the company had stopped making them.  . . .  I once found the perfect lipstick.  Perfect color, perfect consistency, etc.  The next time I went to the store, I learned that the company no longer made this color.  I would think that I was dreaming these things, or imagining them, except that this seems to  happen to everyone.

(Corollary:  If you find a product that you really, really like and buy lots of it, so as to store up, they will continue to make it, possibly forever, or will come out with a much-improved version of it, usually for less money!)

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