Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving Law # 2

O.K., if you didn't pay attention to Moving Law # 1 ("Don't Move"), and you have decided to move (for whatever ridiculous reason), you should definitely heed Moving Law # 2.  Here it is:  Don't ever move immediately after a 20-inch snowfall.  (You should know that the way I "discovered" all of these laws was to break them myself and suffer the consequences.  I only want you to benefit from my experience.) Moving in the worst heat of summer (e.g. 105 F degrees) is also not a good idea.  Moving whenever "unseasonable" weather occurs (i.e. any time of the year), is not a good idea.  Professional moving company employees generally leave doors wide open, in order to facilitate moving stuff in and out, and this results in indoor temperatures that can vary from 20 F degrees to 100 F degrees, necessitating the use of a parka or anorak all day in cold temperatures, or trying to kill dozens of flies in the first few days after a move-in when the temperatures are warm or hot.  (Word to the wise: If/when moving in summer, take a fly swatter, or several, with you in the car, so as to be immediately available at your new location, without having to unpack boxes.)